Collect The Point Value

Swap Points for Black
Sheep Cards

Use These Cards To
Disrupt Your Opponents...

...Or Add Them To Collected Groups For More Points!

The Player With The
Highest Points At The
End Of The Game
Is The Winner!

Coming Soon to...

Welcome to “Not So Happy Families”.

Welcome, Not So Happy Families is an easy to pick up and play card game for the family or light card game players. Based on the original card game classic “Happy Families”, this game has been re-developed to add some fun mechanics which add a little mayhem, and a few Black Sheep into the mix.

This game is also highly inclusive and has been designed to represent what a family unit is in 2019. Inclusion of single parents, elderly carers and same sex parenting are included to reflect the necessity for a more modern take on what a family is.

The game is currently in the last stages of design and I’m hoping to get this to kickstarter in the coming months. If you’d like to follow this project, please feel free to subscribe below.

Many thanks and I hope you enjoy what you see.

Tris Rossin

(Creator of Not So Happy Families)

Game Contents

This game includes:

  • 45 Familiy Cards
  • 24 Black Sheep Cards
  • 5 Counting sheep cards
  • 5 Quick Reference Cards
  • 1 Rule Book
  • 5 Black sheep Counters

Available as a Print and Play file and Physical copy.
Coming soon to Kickstarter!


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